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Upcoming Features : Blood Format Reporting In Cloud Version In Diagnostic, View Final Bills In IPD In Cloud Version, LIS For Both Unidirectional & Bidirectional For Any Lab For Both Haematology And Biochemistry, HB1C graph integration in LIS reporting, Dynamic SMS in multiple languages.

About Trustmedi Protec Plus

A simple and logical technology driven healthcare management system: Trustmedi Protec Plus is a software solution for Hospitals, Medical Centers, Health Clinics and Medical Institutes to enable them to manage their business using latest platforms and simultaneously providing a transparent and comprehensive healthcare platform for all, i.e. the healthcare service providers and the service subscribers.

A multi-user and multi-layered software, Protec Plus allows its user to create, record, maintain and update relevant details of their patients realtime. Be it the administrative body or the nursing station, and even the doctors in-charge - Tracking and coordinating across the Protec Plus system has been designed keeping in mind, the relentless record keeping that goes behind the scenes of patient care.

Why Trustmedi Protec Plus

      1. Improved patient care thereby effective positive publicity of the healthcare institution.
      2. Effective data and patient management – Technology and continuous up skilling is the need of todays’ world. More so, in healthcare, as this impacts lives of many. With always on time support

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Objective of Trustmedi Protec Plus

Trustmedi Protec Plus is a healthcare management system, that has been designed and developed on the basis of continuous feedback and instructions from practicing doctors, hospital authorities, renowned opthalmologists, dentists and many related to the healthcare industry for years now.

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Our Unique Features

Trustmedi provides module based, customizable software solutions – be it IPD, OPD, EMR, Pharmacy or Spa management, Trustmedi Protec Plus team is capable of providing core design and system solutions. Our core strength behind such versatile products is our analytical team that will

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Our Services

Trustmedi Protec Plus Health care Management Systems are products and systems, that have evolved through unrelenting research and study in healthcare to understand a practioners’ needs, keeping in mind the administrative and legal mandates in the region of operation.

In short, Protec Plus Healthcare Management System Has Everything That a Medical Fraternity Needs!

Hospital Management System

An all-inclusive module based system that shall cater to small to mid-sized to large hospital infrastructure with ease. A well thought out integration of several modules.

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Eye ERP – A software dedicated to ophthalmologist. The software defines and curates relevant modules for patient eye care,, and ensures ICD 10 in EMR.

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Diagnostic Management System

Diagnostic Management System – The focus here was created on the basis of discussions with several laboratory technicians, phlebotomists and pathologists.

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Doctor Practice Management System

The ability to manage single or multiple establishments of operation was a priority finding during our research work on doctor systems.

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Clinic Management System

Like other Protec Plus systems, Clinic Management System includes requirements specific to clinic operations. The software allows centralised control for all centres and maintains EHRs to ensure operational excellence.

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Spa & Salon Management System

A tailored system offering for this generation that is health and wellness conscious. Spas and yoga centres using our software systems have viewed that they have managed to build a stronger clientele because of the appointment.

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Our Team

Mr. Suyash Borar

(Founder & Director)

An alumnus of IIM-A and Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Suyash Borar has been the brain behind Trustmedi.com. With excellent track record in different fields , he was CEO of BM Birla Heart Research Centre and CMRI Hospital before conceptualizing Trustmedi. He is also founder and governing body member of Nathealth-The healthcare federation of India and chairman of CII Healthcare committee.

Mr. Satish Agarwal

(Co-Founder & CFO)

Mr. Satish Agarwal is the Chief Financial Officer of Trustmedi.com. He is a post graduate with 28 years of experience. He is also the CFO of BM Birla Heart Research Centre and Chief Operating Officer of Disha Eye Hospital.

Mr. Ranjit Singh

(General Manager - Sales)

Mr. Ranjit Singh is the head of sales in Trustmedi.com. With tremendous entrepreneurial ability, he was operating at an individual level in the business of software development and sales before joining Trustmedi.com. He brings over 17 years of experience in IT & Software Application, development and Sales.

Mr. Purojit Bhar

(Senior Tech Lead)

Mr. Purojit Bhar leads the development arm of Trustmedi.com. He is a Masters in Computer Science & Masters in Business Administration (Systems) with 10 years of experience in core IT & Healthcare ERP development. He has worked in companies like Gamut Infosystems & PWC.

M. Chakravartti

(Head - HR)

M.B.A., 18 years of experience in HR with Microsoft, Sutherland, Sutherland Global, Dell & Intel.


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