Diagnostic Management System

Upcoming Features : Blood Format Reporting In Cloud Version In Diagnostic, View Final Bills In IPD In Cloud Version, LIS For Both Unidirectional & Bidirectional For Any Lab For Both Haematology And Biochemistry, HB1C graph integration in LIS reporting, Dynamic SMS in multiple languages.

Diagnostic Management System

Trustmedi Protec Plus Diagnostic Management System is an integrated Pathology lab Management Software. It is highly configurable to provide automated ,end to end streamlined solution for diagnostic billing, patient reporting, despatch, franchise management, corporate billing and multiple ways of package configuration. The software can work with multiple branches with centralised database. The unique feature of Trustmedi Protec Diagnostic Management System is that it has multiple reporting formats such as blood report, descriptive report, fluid formats & fixed formats. Pathologist can log in from any location and approve the patient report It is equipped with various alert system in the patient reporting system.

Trustmedi Protec Plus Diagnostic Management System is capable of handling entire franchise system in pathology business domain with rate list & payment disbursement.

Trustmedi Protec Plus Diagnostic Management System is highly secured application with complete transaction tracking, audit trail and SMS alerts. The system has different types of daily reports, MIS reports & analytics reports.

Another unique advantage of Trustmedi Protec Plus Diagnostic Management System is that it can be configured in web server from where specific modules such as (Billing, Pathologist approval & MIS reports) can be executed in web browser & hand-held device.


  • Integrated Lab Management System.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Patient reporting in various formats.
  • Highly secured system.
  • Data Backup & restore facility.
  • Lower cost of operation.
  • Prevent revenue leakage.
  • Integration with external system (O.P.D & I.P.D).
  • Effective decision making.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Available in desktop and web version.
  • Available of MIS reports to the management in one click.
  • SMS & email facility in all important modules.

Product wise Feature list

  • Service Rate Configuration (Branch wise).
  • Available in both Desktop & SAAS version.
  • Multi-branch facility with integrated business report.
  • B2B Management (rate list & payment disbursement).
  • Health Card with Family member incorporation with discount offer under two level [Card and Age of member].
  • Complete Diagnostic Test Tracking by the management (Lab Query Management).
  • Pathologist login to approve test report.
  • Complete Audit trail of the transactions.
  • SMS & mail alert to the customers & Management.
  • Various package & discount setup for the services.
  • Diagnostic Reporting – Normal Range, Test Method, Test Interpretation etc. For Pathology Report and Test Template for Descriptive Report required in Radiology, Histopathology etc.
  • Inventory Management with BOM Item wise consumption.
  • Patient report upload in case of full payment.
  • Service booking from web portal.
  • Single dashboard from where all query related to Administration, Diagnostic report, Financial, Doctors or Agent sale related query can be done.
  • MIS of Accounts / Transaction.
  • Various reports for the management (service wise, branchwise, department wise )
  • Graphical representation of sales for further analysi.