Doctor Practice Management System- PMS

Upcoming Features : Blood Format Reporting In Cloud Version In Diagnostic, View Final Bills In IPD In Cloud Version, LIS For Both Unidirectional & Bidirectional For Any Lab For Both Haematology And Biochemistry, HB1C graph integration in LIS reporting, Dynamic SMS in multiple languages.

Doctor Practice Management System- PMS

Trustmedi Protec Plus Doctor PMS is a miniature version Protec Plus Clinic Management. Here we have focussed on individual doctors for their practice management. The doctors can use the same in the multiple clinics and maintain the patient’s data in a streamlined manner. Individual doctors want to keep entire details of patients starting from their past history, regular routine check-up, digital EMR and even their revenue tracking.

Trustmedi Protect Plus Doctor PMS is equipped with an unique feature that doctor can make case studies and maintain the detail of the case study of various diseases. Most of the time doctors want to study from the past records about the disease and make diagnosis of the patients.

The software has ICD 10 in Digital EMR to mention the correct disease names. It is also bagged with pre-defined medicine list to mention the medicine names quickly. The appointment scheduler is also available with unique features, such as multiple booking in the same slot, slot cancellation & Blocking.


  • Complete practice management system for individual doctor.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Better diagnosis of patients.
  • Effective way to manage queue.
  • Complete patient demographic profile.
  • Paperless prescription.
  • Various reports related to patients, doctors and other MIS reports.
  • Highly secured system with complete encryption of patient data.
  • Various reports to facilitate patient management, income movement and to provide better patient treatment.

Product wise Feature list

  • Doctors’ chambers configuration.
  • Doctors’ fees configuration.
  • Doctors timing slot configuration.
  • Doctor can create their own prescription which can be digitally stored.
  • Multi-speciality prescription.
  • Procedure setup for dental EMR (Electronic Medical Record).
  • Special free hand drawing for Eye EMR(Electronic Medical Record).
  • Special emphasis for pediatric EMR (Electronic Medical Record) in terms of immunization and growth rate.
  • Doctor can make critical case study of patient for future reference.
  • Various data analytical record
    • Disease wise.
    • Patient wise.
  • Doctor can upload investigation results of the patients for future reference.
  • Audit trail of all the transaction.
  • Multi user management.

The software can be used in both the laptop and mobile, it is user friendly, intuitive and is setting new standards in the quality of healthcare.