Hospital Management System

Upcoming Features : Blood Format Reporting In Cloud Version In Diagnostic, View Final Bills In IPD In Cloud Version, LIS For Both Unidirectional & Bidirectional For Any Lab For Both Haematology And Biochemistry, HB1C graph integration in LIS reporting, Dynamic SMS in multiple languages.

Hospital Management System

Trustmedi Protec Plus Hospital Management System is a complete solution for management of hospitals with key focus on Electronic Health Record (E.H.R.). The system is a combination of Hospital Management, Electronic Medical Records (E.M.R) and administrative workflow management.

Trustmedi Protec Plus Hospital Management System is configurable to provide end to end streamlined integrated solution in a hospital such as Inpatient management, Outpatient management, ward management, Nursing station, Operation theatre, Lab, pharmacy, billing and even asset management.

Trustmedi Protec Plus Hospital Management System is designed to provide various reports related to patient, doctors, finance and inventory. Various MIS reports are available to the administration department to analyze the areas of operations in the business.

We have a dedicated development team to give customized solution as per the requirement of the client.


  • Complete Hospital Management system with all necessary modules required in health care.
  • Complete patient information and patient health record keeping to track patients anywhere and anytime.
  • Integrated module which helps in operational cost minimization and centralized monitoring.
  • Special module for Operation theatre.
  • Giving special emphasis on patient billing, insurance management and TPA.
  • Efficient way of staff management with payroll system and duty roster.
  • Highly secured system with complete encryption of patient data.
  • Cost minimisation with proper accounting system.
  • Complete audit trail of all the transactions to control revenue leakage.
  • Various alerts through SMS & email in all the modules to take preventive measures.

Product wise Feature list

  • Department master with Maximum Credit limit.
  • Insurance Management (individual & corporate.
  • Bed Management [Multiple bed rate list, bed transfer tracking].
  • Corporate or Company wise bed rate list.
  • Various services configuration.
  • Package configuration.
  • Various consent form configuration.
  • O.T management with (O.T Slot configuration & Instrument management).
  • Doctor and specialist IPD visit rate list setup.
  • Referral case management.
  • Patient admission with consent module with definition of package - and tagging with corporate or cashless.
  • Tagging with Company/Corporate/Cashless or Direct rate list auto definition as per master.
  • SMS alert to patient party & to doctors.
  • Complete ward management.
  • Integrated Pharmacy.
  • Integrated Asset Management System.
  • Diagnostic requisition.
  • Patient bill estimate query with print [Detail and summary].
  • Patient bill approval entry for cashless or corporate for final approval.
  • Discharge certificate entry.
  • Birth certificate entry.
  • Death certificate entry.
  • Various reports related to patient query.
  • Corporate or TPA wise report.
  • Bed Management.
  • Ward and other service register.
  • OT register.
  • Detail patient billing tracking.
  • Doctor referral register.
  • Sales analysis report.
  • OT register - Total sale and/or only bill settled.
  • Other charge register - Total sale and/or only bill settled.
  • Dr. IPD visit register - Total sale and/or only bill settled.
  • Security audit report for all final bills settled amount is less than final estimate.